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What is Daledon?

Daledon is a shop of awesome minimalistic t-shirts.

At Daledon, we always play with a simple minimalistic fashion. We value quality over quantity and impression over monetization. We are based in Sydney, but we operate globally. We design, test, and communicate simple fashions from our imaginations and give them a minimalistic form. Everything we make is simple, fun, and youthful. As a result, every angle, shape, and curve have meaning to us. So, it doesn't matter if you are a 10-year-old child or a 70-year-old child, Daledon is for you.

Because you are awesome!

Is Daledon legally established?

Yes, Daledon is legally established in Sydney, Australia. We operate Daledon under the Australian Business Number (ABN) 71897183657 with a proper legal bank account. And, to be fair, not just you, a good number of business organizations also rely on us. Which means, we had no option but to get established legally. We give tax on every sale and we submit our facts and figures to our legal authority every year. That's why our base currency is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Can I contribute to Daledon?

Yes, Daledon loves fans. We would be glad to have you on-board. You can contribute in trillions of ways and we always give credits. We can even star you at our social networks. And if you are looking for jobs, keep your eyes on our social networks.

Can I sell my designs with Daledon?

Yes, Daledon always appreciates creativity and have a love for the community. If you have a design or if you want to sell your official apparel or accessories through Daledon, please contact us. We may have an offer that you won't be able to refuse.

How to take care of a Daledon product?

Daledon sells various types of products. So, their caring procedure varies.

  • For t-shirts, hats, or related products, we recommend gentle hand washing with mild laundry detergents. For washing with washing machines, only use cold water and mild laundry detergents with a gentle cycle. Make sure to bring inside out when washing with washing machines. For drying, please hang-to-dry, because dryers can damage the longevity of clothes. For ironing, we don't recommend ironing. But if you need to iron, only iron with very low heat for no more than 2-second touch and always avoid designed areas. Our products are designed to last long if maintained correctly. So, make sure all the instructions are correctly followed.
  • For any kind of bag, we also recommend gentle hand washing with mild laundry detergents. For washing with washing machines, please follow the process of t-shirts, but the washing time should not exceed 25 minutes. For drying, never use a dryer and avoid direct sunlight. For ironing, you must not iron a bag in any circumstance.
  • For any denim product, the caring procedure is as same as the t-shirts. But, you can use a dryer if you need to. And you are free to iron a denim product, but with low heat for no more than 3-second touch. Remember to completely dry your denim product before you wear or shelve it.
  • For other clothing products, gentle hand washing without any type of detergent is recommended.
  • For non-clothing products, typical washing is not recommended.

I found one design offensive or illegal, what should I do first?

Daledon is like a community. If you found anything offensive, please contact us as soon as possible. Moreover, if you found something illegal or violating any copyright or trademark, please let us know. We won't show or sell anything offensive or illegal.

Daledon GOAT

What is Daledon GOAT?

After our dispute with PayPal®, we decided that it would be better for us to have our own dedicated online store, where third-parties won't create any hassle. Hence the Daledon GOAT, with the tagline "the greatest of all time".

At Daledon GOAT, we sell our simple fashion. The price is reduced as no PayPal hassle, shipping is streamlined as no PayPal hassle, and direct compliance management as no PayPal hassle. Now we can create limited edition products, from t-shirts to water bottles. We are now also able to deliver better quality products than ever before. Plus, buying from Daledon GOAT is much easier and quicker than any other marketplace. So, Daledon fashion products are now exclusively available at Daledon GOAT only.

Where is Daledon GOAT available?

As of now, Daledon GOAT is only available or sells to the following countries and regions: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK), and United States (USA).


What's your privacy and cookie policy?

Since Daledon is fully legally established in Sydney, Australia, our privacy policy fully complies with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act). We are legally bound to ensure your privacy from our end. Please read the "Privacy and Cookie Policy" section of our "Daledon Standard Terms of Service" for more information.

Our order management system, customer management system, and payment processing system are powered by eBay® and Etsy®. So, please read the privacy policy of eBay and privacy policy of Etsy for understanding how they manage your information. We use Stripe® Invoicing System as well, so please read the privacy policy of Stripe if you have any concern.

We require few website cookies to better understand the website visitors, secure them, and detect if there is any error on our website. Those cookies are dividable into two categories, analytical and non-analytical. All our analytical cookies are managed by Google® and Facebook®. Please refer to the cookie and privacy policies of Google and Facebook for understanding how you are being tracked by them. All our non-analytical cookies are managed by TrustedSite®. So, for the cookie policy of our non-analytical cookies, please read the cookie policy of TrustedSite. If you have any problem with those, feel free to contact us or TrustedSite.

What's your terms of service?

By continuing to use any Daledon website, product, or anything owned or provided by Daledon, you are accepting the latest terms of service of Daledon. Our terms of service fully comply with the Australian law. Please read our terms of service for more information. None of our terms conflicts with any Australian act and our operation is fully legal according to the law. But, still, if you are confused, feel free to contact us anytime. We will be delighted to help and clarify you. We were born helpful.

For information about our brand name, logo, and how to use them, please read our branding guide.


Why multiple currencies?

Daledon is global. But, since we are legally established in Sydney, we have to follow the rules and regulations of Australia. So, for our ease of taxation and legal activities, we have to use the AUD (Australian Dollars) as our default currency. This means even though we have added some international currencies and/or USD (U.S. Dollars), your final checkout maybe be done with the AUD.

How are your products made?

Our products are designed by us from our Sydney establishments. The designs, measurements, and quality requirements then sent to New York. Usually, our required raw materials are sourced from Bangladesh, China, Latvia, and the USA. And finally, the products are made in our partner factories in Bangladesh, China, Latvia, and the USA. The embroidery works are primarily done in the USA.

For digital products, the products are developed by either us or our contributors. Those products have their licensing conditions, and each of those products may contain parts made by multiple individuals or organizations.

But, if any of your products have a handler, then the entire production operation for that product is significantly different. For more, please read the handler section of our about page.

Will I get an email with my order details?

Yes. As soon as you finalize an order, you will get an email with all the details of your order. And this email is very helpful during shipping and returns. So, please make sure your email address is correct. If your email address is wrong, we maybe won't be able to identify you to resolve any claims. But, still, feel free to contact us even if you accidentally given incorrect email address.

Having trouble placing an order, can you help?

Yes. Whatever the issue is, we are always there for you. So, if you are having trouble with placing an order, or any payment related issues, please contact us. In some regions, we can even place an order on behalf of you and send you an invoice.

Quick tip, if you are having trouble making a payment with your card, try Stripe Payment.

Can I cancel or make any change to my order?

No. When you place an order, we send a production request to our factory. This is instant, that's why it saves an entire day. Which means you can't change or cancel the order. So, please make sure your details and your purchase specifications are correct.

How do I track my order?

You should receive a tracking code or tracking link in your email address if your shipping method includes tracking. If not, then you have to expect delivery within the estimated date. Sometimes, due to stock out or the huge number of orders, your order may require extra time to get delivered to your doorstep. So, having a shipping method that includes tracking is recommended.

I received a wrong/damaged product, what should I do?

We're so sorry if the product you ordered arrived damaged. To help us resolve this for you quickly, please contact us within a week with photos of the damaged product, your order number, and any other details you may have about your order. We'll get back to you with a resolution as soon as possible. If you received a wrong product, apologies, please contact us as soon as possible. We will send you the right product for free and for some products, you don't have to ship back the wrong one.


When will I get my order?

By default, we require 2-5 business days to fulfill a clothing or related order. Then it's all about shipping. The shipping time varies on your shipping address and method, but still, we can predict:

  • USA and Canada: 5-‚Äč8 business days
  • Australia: 5-14 business days
  • Europe: 5-14 business days
  • International: 7-21 business days

The predictions above are done for the products manufactured and distributed by Daledon. So, if any of your purchased product is handled by a handler (i.e. adidas®), total shipping duration may change significantly. For more, please read the handler section of our about page. Or contact us for help.

The delivery of digital products, subscriptions, or downloads are instant. You will also get an email explaining how to complete your subscription or download the digital product right after your payment process. Since digital products are not physical products, digital products don't require shipping and have no refund, exchange, or return policy. Warranties apply if mentioned.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease) outbreak and lockdowns of various locations, please allow extended shipping time. And please wash your hand thoroughly after handling our packaging and products. Always follow the rules defined by your local government to stay safe.

Where will my order ship from?

For the USA and Canada, your order will most possibly get shipped from the USA. For Australia, its USA usually, however, your order can be shipped from mainland Australia too if we have enough stock ready. For Europe, we usually keep our top stocks ready for shipment, however for apparels, we may wait for the exact size as we have sizes for nearly everyone. Still, we use geo-targeted order fulfillment companies to ensure faster deliveries from their warehouses. On average, for urban locations, your order is most likely to be delivered within a week, if no external factors, like COVID-19, is not causing delays.

But, if any of your products have a handler, then the entire distribution operation for that product is significantly different. For more, please read the handler section of our about page.

Is there any free shipping option available?

Yes, if your chosen product mentioned free shipping. Currently Daledon offers free shipping to Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and Western Europe. For other locations or rural areas, free shipping will depend on your post code. If your post code is within our range, you don't have to pay for shipping. If not, the shipping cost will be auto added during check-out.

How much the shipping cost will be?

Because the shipping cost is calculated by courier services, we can't control it. But due to our partner warehouses, the shipping cost for most of our products is very low. For most of the USA, Canada, and Europe, the shipping cost is generally less than US$9 for an apparel. However, your exact location, day, season, product, and your preferred shipping method (if any option available) may increase or decrease the overall cost.

Will I be charged customs for my order?

Maybe, it's totally out of our control. And customs policies vary from country to country and get changed from time to time. So, if you are unsure, please check with your local customs office.

Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

No. To make the shipping duration as short as possible, and to make our operations as fast as possible, after placing an order, you can't change anything. So, make sure you have given the correct address including your unit number at every step of your order.

My order should be here by now. What should I do?

Contact us as soon as possible with your order number but make sure you have done the followings:

  • Look for any mistake in the delivery address of your shipping confirmation email
  • Check with your local post office, they might have your package
  • Talk with your neighbors if the courier left your package with them
Packages are usually delivered during business hours by your local courriers. So, please ensure the courier can find you at your delivery address. If you're expecting a home delivery and you know you won't be home to accept it, use an address where you know you'll be.

If we did find a mistake in your delivery address from our end, we can send you a replacement order. And, we will try our best to make sure there's no added cost to you.


Can I return or exchange?

No. We don't offer returns and exchanges, but if there's something wrong with your order from our end, please let us know by contacting us as soon as possible. Remember you have a week to notify us about any problem with any of our product.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer refunds, but only when you receive a damaged or wrong physical product, not digital products. The refund process has many parties involved, but we will try to make the process as smooth as possible. Remind you, our decision on refund is not the final decision, as there are banks and other organizations actively involved. And you may require to send us the product.

Can I exchange an item for a different size or color?

At this time, we don't offer exchanges. So, please double-check our size guide to make sure you are buying the right sized apparel. In terms of color, the color setting on your digital screen massively changes the color of our photos. And we sometimes use different color plates for different products. So, the color may not be exactly accurate or matched with your expectation.


Who are the Handlers?

Daledon is based in Sydney but operates globally. This gives us the chance to sell products at every corner of our planet. That is why some manufacturers get partnered with us to sell their products through our medium. They handle the production and distribution of their products, that's why they are called "Handlers". We are just happy to help them and diversify our catalog.

Who can be a Handler?

Not everyone. Out of many applications, we handpick handlers based on our criteria. We have a clear and strict guideline for our handlers. And all their accepted products must be original, safe, popular, do what they say, and have a price that is comparatively lower than their default price. If you think you or your company can become one of our handlers, contact us.

What Handlers do?

Handlers are responsible for their product, packaging, and shipping. So, products from handlers are treated differently and the name of the handler is mentioned where applicable. Our order and shipping rules do not apply to them, because they have their legal manufacturing and distribution policies. However, they follow our privacy, order, return, and refund policy.