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Implementing Artificial Intelligence

Daledon AI and Neural Networks

At Daledon AI, we're working with partners to enhance the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) by doing extensive research, applying AI to product developments, and building frameworks to make AI accessible to everyone.

The AI has a lot of promise to assist resolve issues such as improving medicine, comprehending language, and accelerating scientific research. Daledon's purpose is to organize information and make it useful and helpful to everyone. Our this project is assisting our partners in doing so in exciting new ways, allowing them to solve problems for their users, clients, and the rest of the world. Whether it's taking photos of loved ones, breaking down barriers with machine-level code translation, secured emails from any network, or getting things done in a virtual meeting, AI is making life simpler for everyday people. From reimagining our society to advancing scientific research, AI gives new ways of looking at old challenges.

At Daledon, we strives to nurture ideas and develop solutions that address pressing issues and improve people's lives. We believe that AI, neural network engineering, machine learning, blockchain, and other such sophisticated advanced technologies have enormous ability to strengthen people, help current and future generations, and build a sustainable happy world.

Our contribution is in a wide range of places, and our frameworks and offerings are constantly getting improved further. And, although we believe in AI's potential, we also feel it's vital that it be utilized to serve people - that it be socially useful, fair, and accountable, and that it works for everyone. We are people, and we believe AI is a tool for people, like a pen or a car.

Daledon AI for Ultra-low Cost Business Solutions

Business solutions are crucial for any business. However, they are costly and a tiny little cost increase add up to a massive periodic extra expense. So, what is the solution? Intelligent implementation of business solutions. Or simply AI powered business solutions.

Daledon and partners are working hard for cost-effective automation of business operation and simplistic approach in daily activities. At Daledon, we are doing research and significant development in AI and machine learning to provide the best business solutions of all times. We are already running test projects in industries like automobile and logistic to train our algorithms.

We already automated an entire wheel factory in Italy through some simple individual spreadsheet files. And we have make a busy warehouse automated in Sydney with some plain-text documents.

At Daledon, we believe that the modern technology is not complicated. If something is modern, then it have to be simple. Because, complicated things usually require massive energy, effort, and time to scale up. Because, simplicity also brings scalability.

Daledon AI for AmpDMO

Daledon loves AmpDMO, the Digital Marketing Organization. We at Daledon, provided AmpDMO with necessary AI and machine learning algorithms so that they can best manage their operations, clients, and most importantly, legal efficiency.

The AmpDMO is hosted on an alternative server under an alternative domain name. Plus, AmpDMO has a lot of clients, contributors, and staffs all over the world. So, security is a concern plus keeping all the work files safe, secured, and encrypted requires a lot of effort. So, with the Daledon AI, as a test project, AmpDMO is now able to handle files without the risk of security breach or degraded quality.

The Daledon AI secures everything, makes file sharing through their own server system done under 2 secs, and keeps track of all business operations. And all is done without any special dashboard, or software application. All is done right where they have been working from the start. No special system was required for the AmpDMO. Daledon AI made their spreadsheet files intelligent, their images intelligent, and their email boxes intelligent. That's the way of AI and machine learning Daledon and partners are working on.