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Is the cat better pet than dog?

Why cats? – Let's find out!

One of the cutest animals is the cats. They are small, very low maintenance, independent, intelligent, and can take care of themselves. To most people who have a cat, the cat works to cure any depression or negativity. Yeah, cats do have their fair share of cons, but so do your lover. Weight to weight, the cos are minor compared to their pros.

Cats are seriously cute and adorable. And this should be enough for you to get a cat. While dogs don't stay puppies forever, the cats, on the other hand, can stay the same cutie cuddly for over 15 years.

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If you still think cuteness is not enough, let's talk about your health. Numerous research shows that cats can lower your blood pressure, calm you down, and significantly lower the risk of a heart attack. Cats are superb if you have depression or similar mental conditions. Cats are independent animals, and they won't let you feel sad when you leave them for work or a long weekend. If you have a bit of a mental breakdown, a cat can make you feel better simply when you pet it. The adorable purr sounds the cats make, actually can keep your distressed mind calm. On top of that, if you have kids or planning, the cats can significantly reduce the risk of their allergies. The National Institute of Health said pets could prevent "other types of common allergies, such as allergy to dust mites, ragweed, and grass".

Moreover, cats are very environment-friendly as domestic pets. Cats will keep harmful pests away, drink and waste significantly less food and water, and won't make neighbor-complaining noises. Carbon emissions are very low, don't require a playground, don't require heaps of toys, don't require extra care, and cats groom themselves. Except for some visits to vets, cats don't need outside touch.

Cats are the perfect companion for city dwellers, busy people, and students. Cats can live comfortably in apartments or small spaces, have automated feeding machines, cleaning litter is very easy, and are reticent. Cats cost very low compared to dogs, don't require walks, don't require exercises, and don't require full attention. Cats will sleep when bored, won't destroy the house, or gather complaints like dogs. That's why cats are the best choice if you want to live peacefully.

Cats are the first choice of intelligent people. Carroll University in Waukesha (Wisconsin) once done a study on dog owners and cat owners. They found that cat owners have better IQ levels than dog owners. Animal Planet proved that cats are always learning and have a very sharp memory. Cats will help kids and even adults to learn more social skills. On top of that, cats are very photo-friendly, and many cats are social media celebrities, earning money for their owners.

Now, it's up to you to decide whether you would consider a cat or not. But, we firmly believe that catmoms are the best. And catdads are the best lovers on planet earth. We are not saying dogs are ugly or dog lovers are bad, but with a cat, everything is better.