All cars are boxed!

Even if you just return from the Moon, you would know that the World is undergoing a completely new crisis accompanied by generalized confinement. It is so new that nobody really knows what the next world will be like.

The car makers

Many had to close their production chains, which were not secured enough for the workers. After a few adjustments, lines are starting to reopen to allow orders to be fulfilled in recent weeks, however. But, those should only be able to be delivered after the restrictions have been lifted. On the sales side, it is a collapse since all the dealerships are closed. We just note Ferrari, which confirmed to garner orders in number for its new models. So much so that the title of the company shows only a fairly modest decline since its pre-crisis high. The crisis will be for others, the automobile being an activity by nature ultra-cyclical. With the massive drop in income looming, it is a long way from the cross awaiting them.


The car drivers

The forced immobility of many of you at least saves you gas. Its price is also falling sharply following the vertiginous fall in usages. You should be able to take advantage of it a little on the upswing, no one sees black gold quickly regaining its levels of what at the end of 2019.

We also see many drivers taking care of their cars. We must take care: buffing, small repairs of all kinds, the mechanics of Sunday exercise even on weekdays now. For those who are lucky enough to be able to go out (or bad luck), it is authorization to have on you and some controls.


The passionates

Admit it, if you read us, it's because you love the automobile, it's not just a means of transport. This sudden cessation of all activity gives cold sweats to some.

There is much talk of the Formula 1 season cut from its (so far) first 9 races. But we neglect all the other disciplines also stopped. If F1 should be able to recover (and again, some teams could suffer very badly), it is not said that the financial equilibrium of the less prestigious and therefore less visible series survives. Only support from employees who do not look too much at the expense will allow this.

For those who appreciate walking the streets of major capitals to photograph the rarest cars, it has become complicated. That, we will get over it, as soon as the owners can go out without special proof, within a few weeks.

On the other hand, for those who appreciate the events, it will be necessary to mourn some for this year but also on the longest course. We should be in full Auto Tour, it will be for September, normally. We were able to see Rétromobile but not Geneva and we will not see the Paris Motor Show. Le Mans Classic will take place in 2021, casting doubt on the alternation with Chantilly. Rallies and competitions will last, they have been popular in recent years, both for exhibitors and the public. If the situation does not allow their organization to shift in the fall, it will be for 2021.

As for salons, I am afraid that the virus will mark its death. The cancellation of Paris, however late in the year gives us the first clue: the manufacturers will no longer come. They are in crisis for several years (see above), the costs must be reduced. The last ones to still play the game could well take advantage of the context to switch their communication budgets to what works. Or at least not in a slippery area. I fear that Geneva, so special, is a survivor.

And then we, finally, passionate bloggers but confined? Obviously, no more testing is possible. The manufacturer sessions are canceled, the press parks are closed and the events canceled. So we are patient, like you, by keeping warm as you probably do. So stay at home, be careful if you have to go out, avoid contact. Don't forget to come back to see us when we can move on to a little more normal life.

Take care of yourself.

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