The war of Daledon against COVID-19

The CODIV-19 (Corona Virus) disease outbreak is a world war. And like every world wars, nearly everything from every part of the world got affected by it. As a globally operating organization, Daledon also got affected. To keep everyone up-to-date with whatever is going on at Daledon due to the Corona Virus, Daledon built this dedicated instant update page.


Due to the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak and lockdowns of various important locations of Daledon, Daledon is experiencing significant operational difficulties. And because of delays, some of our products are now temporarily discontinued and hidden from our website and other e-commerce mediums. Our fulfillment and shipping times are affected significantly as well.

20th May 2020

The express shipping to Australia, UK, and Germany is back to normal with only 5-12 days of delivery time required.

However, the Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) is experiencing major delays, especially with the cargo flights to the USA. So, some orders may require 20-30 days to get shipped via US Express delivery. Additional delays are reported by many shipping companies for California.

Meanwhile, Canada Post announced that they won’t accept any new delivery orders from 25th May 2020 because they have too many delivery packages waiting to be delivered.

23rd April 2020

The 22nd April 2020 was the best day at Daledon. Our partners reported that they got orders like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Due to this huge sudden increase in sales during a time of social distancing, our fulfillment times got hit hard.

13th April 2020

Our online sales got doubled compared to sales in March. Due to this huge jump in sales in this time of global lockdown, order fulfillment and shipping times got effected badly.

8th April 2020

The ePacket from China Post won’t be available to Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine, and Greece until further notice. However, similar shipping options made available for Singapore, Indonesia, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine, and Greece.

For shipping to Canada, some products may have to use the CA Express, which will charge extra shipping fees and will take some more extra time.

23rd March 2020

Australia and some of our other important locations went under lockdown. As a result, some of our products had to go out of production temporarily.

16th March 2020

Many locations around the world went beyond the reach of many of the international shipping services. As a result, our average shipping time required got doubled.

11th March 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the CODIV-19 (Corona Virus) disease a pandemic. As a result, some of our cheap and free shipping methods became unavailable in some parts of Europe, majority of China, South Korea, and Japan.

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