Love Moschino Heart Women’s Performance Sneakers


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Let’s be clear, these are not active sneakers, these are performance sneakers. Designed by Love Moschino not to beat, but to humiliate the best of active sneakers. These are comfortable, easy to wear with heart beating design, and match the classiest of styles.

  • Shoe type: Performance Sneakers
  • Main Material: Hybrid synthetic material
  • Internal lining: Hybrid synthetic material
  • Sole: Comfortable hybrid rubber (GEIA v4)
  • Details: Comfy round toe and stretch shaft
  • Height: 5cm heel and 3cm platform

Note: This product is a high demand product and only made in Italy by Love Moschino. So, shipping times and shipping costs are higher than other products for countries or regions outside of Europe and North America. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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