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Movie Plots from Daledon NFT Foundry

Exactly like the Song Lyrics NFTs, currently, all the Movie Plots NFTs are from Remon Roben. So, let's find out what he wants to say:

I love to meet friendly new people. I always loved listening to their stories.

So, after listening to hundreds of people, since my high school days, I built a blur idea of some storylines. Which means every time I come to know someone's life story, I put that life story into another person's life story. I build a character out of the new story and put that character into an old story I heard before.

Now, this is a problem for me as these storylines are usually short, not enough to write a 10,000-word book. But, still not short enough to make them a lyric. So, the solution is the movie plots.

I call them movie plots, but they can be a literature as well. But a movie plot is more appealing to me, so I'm keeping them as movie plots. Plus, it is easier for me to explain my made up-glued together storylines as movie plots as I am not an expert of literature.

Now, just like the song lyrics I wrote, I have decided to make them NFTs. This is a win-win for all of us, as people can read those movie plots without me worrying about them getting pirated.

All the movie plots have replaced fake names and locations. And some changes so that my mates can't say everything is too identical. I haven't checked if any movie was made before with identical plots though.

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