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Gift Cards are a very trendy and modern way of giving someone a present. From birthdays to marriage ceremonies, gift cards are proven to be loved by everyone. At Daledon, we have two types of gift cards, e-gift cards, and physical gift cards. All of them are redeemable at Daledon.Com at any time.

The physical gift cards can be bought from any popular card store, and the card amount is limited from AU $10 to AU $100. The physical gift cards have all the instructions for redeeming it safely.

On the other hand, the e-gift cards can be bought within a minute directly from Daledon.Com. The card amount is limited from AU $10 to AU $1000. It is environment friendly, as it is instantly sent via email. But, still, if you want, you can print it on a page and put it in an envelope to physically hand it over.

  • The card amount is in Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • Any amount from AU $10 to AU $1000
  • Our e-gift cards are delivered by email
  • The email will contain instructions to redeem
  • Our physical gift cards can be bought from anywhere
  • Physical gift cards are easy to redeem as well
  • Our gift cards have no additional processing fees