Unisex Automatic Posture Trainer and Posture Corrector

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Just to feel lighter, better, more comfortable, and stronger, posture corrector is a great choice. That is why Daledon brought something that aligns also your upper back, shoulders, and spine. Which ultimately results in removing your neck and back discomfort. So, you will have improved posture, significantly reduced slouching, and you will start standing and sitting much straighter without any discomfort. It doesn’t require any maintance, can stand by for up to 15 days, and very comfortable to wear. On top of that, it is nearly impossible to detect when worn under a shirt. How’s that?

Category: Body Trainer
Type: Posture Trainer and Posture Corrector
Chest Size Range: 28 inches to 48 inches
Body Weight Range: 15 kgs to 95 kgs
Handler: EPROLO (Lithuania)